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As a busy Mummy of two gorgeous little girls and a busy freelance makeup artist, time is not something I have in abundance! As all you busy Mums out there know you can guarantee the small amount of time you set aside for yourself each day gets eaten in to either breaking up arguments over Barbie’s, mopping up spilt drinks or giving much needed cuddles when a minor accident takes place (this is quite a regular occurrence with my calamity Jane two year old!).

Along with all the wonders and joys of being a Mum also comes sleepless nights, worry and not nearly enough TLC to ourselves, this is why I am forever grateful for the wondrous creator of makeup! Not only do I see the amazing wonders makeup can provide in my job, it also makes the dark circles under my eyes from 4 hours sleep disappear and covers my breakouts from eating too much of the girls chocolate easter eggs! So I thought I’d share some of my makeup tips that are quick and easy and give you a lovely natural look for day to day wear.

First things first use a good moisturiser when you first wake up, I like to give my face a really good massage as this gets your circulation going and gives your skin more of a glow. I usually then have to help the little ones get dressed or sort their breakfast so I go back and add a small amount of extra moisturiser to any extra dry areas I have just before I start my makeup.

I like to use a BB cream for the daytime, I’m quite fair skinned so the light products work well for me, they provide a light coverage along with sunscreen and anti-wrinkle formulas and feel very light and natural, at the moment I’m using Garnier BB cream and I find the best way to apply this is with a flat top foundation brush as it blends really nicely but also fills in any old acne scars or large pores.

Next is to diminish those tired looking eyes and under eye bags! I use a little liquid concealer blended into the area where the shadow of the bags falls rather than all over the bag itself as well as some on the inner corners of the eye. I grab a thicker stick concealer for any blemishes and I find it’s good to use a small brush like an eyeliner brush to apply concealer to blemishes as it enables you to use very little product yet be very precise and gives the necessary coverage without being heavy.

Personally I steer clear of contouring for daytime (partly cos I think it can look to heavy in daylight and partly cos I just don’t have time before the school run!) but a little highlighting and or illuminating in the right places is quick and can really make the difference to tired eyes and dull complexion. Use a highlighter or illuminator underneath the arch of your brow to lift your brow and make your eyes look wider, on the areas on top of your cheek bones and up towards the temples to give a dewy glow and a little on the cupids bow for making your lips look fuller. Finish with a light dusting of translucent face powder.

Onto the eyes, thank goodness for mascara! I would constantly look half asleep if it wasn’t for mascara! I start my eyes off with a sweep of transparent powder over the entire eyelid followed by a sweep of black or dark brown eyeshadow close to my upper lash line as a softer eyeliner (use a little water on a small makeup brush to make the eyeshadow more intense and it will set to a powder). Another great tip is to dab your black or dark brown eyeshadow along the top of your lashes right next to the lid, this will help make your lashes appear thicker.

I use a waterproof or water resistant mascara as they really do last all day without running down your face (at the moment I really like Max Factors False Lash 24) and on particularly challenging days I have even committed the cardinal sin of not taking my makeup off before falling asleep and I have awoken the next morning with perfect mascara, so these products really do last! I know some people are put off by waterproof mascara cos the remover lotions can be oily and expensive but I find a thin layer of Vaseline smeared across a cotton wool pad really effective and gentle. I finish off my eyes by running a white eye pencil along the water line to help make my eyes look bigger (and more awake!)

Then depending on how things are going I might add a few finishing touches of combining my eyebrows through with a clear eyebrow mascara, adding a little moisture rich cheek tint or crème blush and slapping on a bit of tinted lip balm but for me the thing that makes the biggest difference to how I look and feel is having healthy natural looking skin and wide awake eyes.

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